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Evolution Music presents Rage's New Album "Speak Of The Dead"!!!

저먼메탈의 제왕 Rage가 2006년 공개하는 새앨범 [Speak Of The Dead]가 에볼루션 뮤직을 통해 3월 발매됩니다. 이번 한국반에는 보너스트랙이 1곡 수록되어질 예정이며 멋진 재킷 커버의 포스터도 함께 제작되어질 예정입니다.

각 전문지들이 격찬해마지않는 레이지의 신작앨범에 많은 기대바랍니다.

ROCK HARD (Mike Borink)
"The classic-part is super and more interesting than "Lingua Mortis" at that time. The album sounds more progressive and wasn't predictable at all"
METAL HAMMER (Matthias Mineur)
"The suite is terrific, that's Metal meets Classic at the highest stage!"

HEAVY (Martin Kosbab-Zillmann)
"The album sounds very homogeneously. The one who likes RAGE, will love the album."

METAL HEART (Matthias Igel)
"The album features the best out of their two great creativ phases; specially the suite is super!"

BLAST (Marc Halupczok)
"The disc is the essence out of the last ten years of RAGE."

STALKER (Jasmin Froghy)
"Very diversified and experimental. Very beautiful arrangements and amazing choirs."

POWERMETAL.DE (Herbert Chwalek)
"The classic material is super diversified. Sounds like RAGE should sound anno 2006."

SCREAM (NOR - Hakon)
"The classic suite is catchy, the best, RAGE ever made! Also the other songs convinces."

"The album has fantastic performances. It is a great metal album, it grabs you from the first track."

"Very good, I love the symphonic part and the great mixture."

ROCK HARD (FR - Morgan)
"I really enjoyed the classical part. A very powerful album, great separation and it is catchy and intelligent."


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